Thursday, September 25, 2008

Standardisation - Why, How and Where ...

Normally in most of the standard company, there is a practice of STANDARDISATION could be seen. In normal practice, there are set of specification for Raw Materials, Other Production related consumables, Electrical Panels & Switchgear, Mechanical & Maintenance Items, etc.

But for Raw materials the standard specs. would be the norm. You can't deviate the specified specs. unless it's been recommended by R&D department for betterment or other reason whatsoever. Same is been recommended for production related consumables.

For Electrical Panels and switchgear, to use standard equipments is very much essential as the application is critical and vital. There are any manufacturer who supply OEs in this areas, viz., Siements, L&T, Schnider Electric, ABB, etc. If you are using specific manufacturer's OE, it is recommended that to use the same manufacturer's spares. Precaution to be taken is that to procure the same from reliable vendor who are authorised by the Manufacturer. Specially in the case of switchgear, open market is full of spurious supply; so special attention is to be taken into consideration to authenticate the vendor is utmost essential.

For Mechanical Equipments & spares, again the OEs to be procured from known and proven record of customer satisfaction and it's existence is very much a point to be focused. For maintenance of such OEs the internal spares are to be procured from the same vendor so that the originality and the responsibility towards the OEM is been kept intact in a view towards long term relationship(sense of partnership) with the Manufacturer. If you divert this and create a misunderstanding with the manufacturer then it wold be case of loose-loose situation where no one of you will be benefited. But, in the case of external attachments and spares you can very well choose for the best and find an economical supplier. For example, Bearings, V-Belts, Couplings, Pulleys, Motors, valves, etc. It's not necessary that to buy such items form the OEMs. Mostly if you observe, you will find that even the OEMs are not using the best of the items available in the market. Here you can definitely find better supplies at better cost.

One simple understanding which is needed to be kept in mind is that "Never look at at supplier like an external agency, look at them as your partner. Thing will change in favor of you."

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