Sunday, November 2, 2008

What you require to be Procurement Professional

Every job/work has different professional profile. If you have all required qualification and also required skills; you have to acquire set of attitude to handle the given job/work. Right attitude to perform right kind of work is very important. It's all about developing "The Love of the JOB". Until and unless you fail to develop the liking you can't give justice to the given job.

The following are the personal traits which may be termed to be key professional requirement to be a successful Procurement Professional.
  • Good interpersonal relationship.
  • Transparency in dealing with the Vendors and Internal Departments as well.
  • Ability to gain trust with the vendors.
  • Wide relationship with the prospective suppliers in different geographical locations.
  • Good analytical aptitude.
  • Learning ability and good listener.
Procurement is not just paying and getting the goods. It's much more than that. You have to ensure procuring the best at most economical way. It's the backbone of the company. All the factors like indirect cost, durability, etc. shall add up to the cost of the production. You need to understand the type of need and cost involvement; and analyse the situation and take the decision.

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