Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's election time - let's be responsible

General Election is here!.. Our eyes are locked on News channels and News papers for the latest update on election. In this, some of the leaders become SUPERSTARS by commenting on issues which hurts the national sentiment. We the citizens at large are taken for granted and infused with enmity by the so called leaders by dividing ourselves to Hindus and Muslims, Upper Caste and Lower Caste and a new word as Outsiders and Insiders.

I personally feel that no party is as holy as they claim. Most of all, no politician is as GREAT as they claim. Whether it is Congress or BJP or Communist is you choice, it is our uphill responsibility that to choose a responsible leader who believe the best for the country. Stop looking at Dr. Manmohan Singh or L. K. Advani or Kumari Mayabati or Sonia Gandhi, look at the credential of the candidate at your constituency and caste your valuable vote.

I would like all of fellow citizens know that in the last general electon we have elected 125 MPs who have got criminal background for which the cases are pending! If we elect law makers from such backgrounds what would be the future of our great nation?..... You may get the data on and check out the data.

Let's join hand to build this great nation by selecting right candidate.
Let's be against vote bank politics, communal and regionalism.
Stop glorifying leaders who has the background of such idiology.
Let's spread harmony and peace.
Lets be responsible Indian.

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