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A thought which is been inspired from the questions from many corners, when people leaves organizations. There are many reasons for leaving the job. To study the problem such employee turnovers may be summed up as below.

Why does people leave the job?

• For better emoluments.
• For better future/prospect.
• For higher responsibility.
• For higher exposure.
• For a Bigger Organization.

When we look at the reasons, it’s obvious that people work for Living, Security and Social Status. All the reasons are equally important in all section of employment. Days are gone when people use to work only for living. Now-a-days, with the requirement of the social structure of equality, you can not ignore Security and Social status. You can get all these if you are under an able and good leader.

One thing we have to be very clear that No Organization is bad, but it is we who make it Good or Bad. The kind of business it carries out makes it professional or unprofessional in nature or in other word it may be called organized or unorganized sector.

When we look into the working of Unprofessional or Unorganized sector, we shall come across people working in such company’s for years and worked with much dedication and ease. It may be recorded that Employee turnover in unorganized sector may be little higher as compared to professional organizations. So, it does not matter where you work but what matter is your comfort level working in that organization.

Right leadership is the most influencing factor for running an organization or retaining potential employees. Let’s see some interesting facts on Leaderships Role and it’s impact on the future of the organization.

Good Organization + Bad Leader = Frustration for all.
Bad Organization + Good Leader = Prospect for Better Future.
Bad Organization + Bad Leader = Disaster Going to happen.
Good Organization + Good Leader = Tremendous potential for the best.

Best practices of leadership are not those that set the pace, which command and control. Best practices of leadership relate to the other passionately, involved in a common vision for a cause of value, with leaders who can act as coaches. Individuals who share the passion are genuinely concerned with others and that is the attribute to the making of future Leader.

The talent can not therefore be separated from values and intentions.

Finally, I also believe that senior leaders must understand that the best way to develop its own talent goes through to make sure that they know is managing and developing. From this point of view, is very positive understand that the best current research and best practices of leadership are aligned with the traditional views of the Christian faith. The three temptations of Christ were to be relevant, spectacular and powerful. The great leaders, who have the paradoxical blend of humility and commitment, are able to resist these temptations, while realize that the supreme form of talent and leadership is not related to do, but to be. One right and relevant quote is, “Success doesn't require any special skill, except passion” by Professor Umashankar, who continues to be an assistant dean at the College of Engineering at the University of Arizona

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Dear Sir,

i have read your new article...really it contains lots of thing which we should observe in life during our work...

specially for those person who acting like me...hahaha

after this article one question arise in my mind that where u see "Kundil Group" in this context...for your help here i m giving u four option...OK

kundil group is...

[a] best

[b] good

[c] bad

[d] poor

give answer with the help of these terms...better future,learnings,growth,experience,management of kundil,staff & employees etc...

n yes one thing more...

I'll never forget u sir...

remain in touch by net n keep posting new blogs bcoz it helps someone and give inspiration to all for surviving in such a bad/good organization...

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