Thursday, April 16, 2009

Handling Bad Bosses

I would like introduce with a little quote of the day as PLANT A LITTLE TREE OF LOVE EVERY DAY AND SEE THE MIRACLE, THIS WORLD IS YOURS!

Getting emotional is obvious but to come out strong positively is a big challenge. At work we come across various situations where we may feel frustrated. Particularly, I would like to discuss a situation where we face BAD BOSSES. Bad boss may be described as the bosses who ignores your ideas, talk down to you, bad mouthed and even ignore to talk to you. In that situation you may feel like leaving him/her/organisation and even tend to confront with him. If you leave him/her/organisation for this reason you would have a bad taste and feel like looser; on the other hand if you confront him/her, thing would look ugly.

I have jolted down few points which I feel may be helpful to face BAD BOSSES; and come out victorious. The points are as follows -
  1. Do not respond in hurry: The reality is to be practical. Responding then and there may not be the correct thing to do, on the other hand it will turned out to be indiscipline from your part. In that case, a wise subordinate will wait and consume the heat; look at himself/herself and wait for the right time.
  2. Play the Game: If you feel your Boss is unfair to you, PLAY THE REAL GAME; don't let it get sour, still make a positive note and maintain a can-do attitude. Your perseverance would be noted and tried at various level!
  3. Organise and prepare yourself: Focus on your work and highlight the tangible results you have produced. Your performance should be always above projection. Collect recomendations and references from clients, peers, industry pros, etc. and develop a positive repo.
  4. Forge alliances: When you are in an organisation you need to open your eye and ear. Show your willingness to contribute in the areas where you can make a difference. Build a relationship with a mentor or your boss's own boss, too. They can provide direction, intelligence, and even a reference. Beyond that, get involved in corporate initiatives, such as community outreach or strategic planning. Stay visible and broaden your circle to counter that.
  5. Don't jump into Conclusion: Bottom line is "Management is often grueling and thankless. We all need someone to blame, but give your boss a little empathy. Don't mistake the person for the perception. They're usually far more complex than your caricature". And your boss may simply be unaware of his or her behavior and it's impact on you.
  6. Keep your boss in the loop: Train yourself to ask the right questions, clarify, and work through the details. This is perfect training for what's really important in business: anticipation, flexibility, relationship-building, collaboration, and execution (not to mention making your boss look good). Ask what traits or skills you need to develop to reach the next level. Ask for specifics; look at establishing benchmarks to measure your growth. What's more, become a true partner with your boss.
  7. Focus on the big picture: Absorb those daily humiliations, so you never become like your boss. Most important, don't write off the message because of the messenger. Your boss didn't reach this level by accident. Be open to criticisms and suggestions. You'll likely miss some valuable nuggets if you completely tune out your boss. Focus on gaining the right experience, building your interpersonal skills, and policing your attitude.
  8. Wait and Watch: If your boss really is a jerk, chances are the clock is ticking on him or her. Charm, connections, and reputation only give bosses so much rope. They'll inevitably drop their guard and slip up with someone higher up - and it won't be pretty. You have bigger things ahead of you. Believe it and carry on.

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