Thursday, June 4, 2009

How difficult is to fire an employee!

Not going to the legal point of view, I would like to emphasize on human point of view. It is indeed very difficult to fire an employee. In this age of Human Resource, we normally focus on developing Human Resource by providing suitable training tools, motivate by understanding the need and more focus on retaining the Resources. Such kind of practices are easy as compared to the other side of it, viz., Retrench, Lay-off, Terminate, etc.

In a normal situation, the reason for terminating an employee is been explained below -
  • If he is an habitual offender of the discipline of the organisation, e.g., Alcoholic, Absentee, etc.
  • One is found to be corrupt.
  • One who is operating against the interest of the organisation.
  • Theft and misuse of organisational resources. etc.
As an administrator once you came to know such incidents, you simply can't keep quite and hide the offenses. In such a situation, we need to investigate and pile up the facts to start acting disciplinary action. While finding the facts, we have to analyse all pros-n-cons so that wrong message is not been interpreted with the action to be imposed and it is to carried out confidentially. Once we are convinced, one more exercise we have to do is what would be the impact to the company in terms of gross loss, loss of moral and integrity amongst the fellow employees?.. If we are satisfied with the findings and the actions framed; we may go ahead with the disciplinery action and then terminate the employee.

It is hard to loose an employee, who is been developed, nurtured and trained but with the integrety of the Organisation we have to look beyond individual interest.

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