Sunday, July 12, 2009

What is there to be lucky?..

We have all the reason to be sad but we often forget what good is happening in every moment of our life. Look at the sun rise in the early morning and the sun set in the evening, smell the beautiful roses, look at the blue sky and the listen to the sound of singing birds, .... Are not all these amazing!.. My dear friends let's be positive and spread the aura of positive energy to our near and dear ones. Let's just hold a moment find how Lucky we are!

Specially when someone is fairing well, people may term him/her to be lucky ... At the other side someone who is struggling may term to be unlucky. Let's explore the secret of lucky or unlucky. I was truly stunned by sentence which one of my close friend quoted as "I actually felt powerless in my life, as though I had no control to change my circumstances or my results..." He kept on telling his struggles and hardships and finally he summed up telling himself that he is unlucky!.. For that moment I just kept on listening his experiences and held for a moment, assumed he may be right in his stride.

To be happy and feel lucky is your choice!.. I repeat the same and request all of you to emphasize on the same. In my early career, I have eaten rotten bread and drank water as much as I can and attended my prospective clients and never stopped working and also continued believing for something good to follow. Things went so hard, the company where I was working closed down for internal reason. That time I was debt ridden to an extent that I even felt like committing suicide as I had no other option other than that. On the one side hunger and at the other side hopelessness!. When I was thinking sitting alone at the sea beach; my inner self has prompted me to carry on and look for the opportunities ahead, focus on what I am.. And today when look back it is so scary, but I cherish the each struggles and moments.

Such story is really encouraging. On the other day, I was speaking to one of my Director in a coffee shop, and found his story is not much different from mine. He was narrating his story of going to JAIL for no mistake of his and abandoned by his employer. He fought the case on his own and decided to return to his home state with his wife and two little children. But when he hanged on and continued working hard with honesty and today he is one of the most respected person and admired by all.

Here the key is BEING WHAT YOU ARE. If you try to become what is not in you than the word LUCK will not favor you. If you do not forget what you are and act accordingly you will find favorable situation all around.

Somebody quoted me what LUCK is all about as follows:
L = Labour
U = Under
C = Correct
K = Knowledge
And I actually found it is true. Right attitude, honesty, hard work and willingness to learn will lead to success. Never stop thinking positive even if situation is not favoring you. Do not look at others, but look at you and correct your self by listening your inner self. Your inner spirit will never lead you in wrong direction. Our own life is a big lesson...

Enjoy being what you are....

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