Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is working HARDER, the solution?...

To many trial and error methods are been adopted by the Human Resource professional to cope up the rising problems in meeting the requirements of the end users in terms of Cost effectiveness, timely delivery, etc. specially in manufacturing units in this time of competition and in larger aspect of recession. Output optimization at at lower cost of input is the criteria where Human Resource(HR) Departments are banking on.

One of the aspect, HR Departments are working on is HARDER working by way of multiple responsibility, extended work time, cutting down Leave & Off days and cutting down manpower. But I still feel, in spite of better result for the moment(short term), there are numerous threats in the long run. Yes, to an extent, working harder is utmost important but if you ask for more an more harder than there will be lots of problems awaiting!

Why I say so is summed up in two aspects, viz., In individual Level and Organizational Level.

In Individual level, working harder beyond the limit may cause following problems which are integral part of professional life.
  • At certain point of time, you would start feeling FATIGUE, which is a sign to kill your potential and love of your profession/skill.
  • You would have lesser time for your family and friends. For this, at a point of time you will start feeling isolated, and at the same time your work pressure and family responsibility shall clash. This is one symptom which we often come across in the lives of Professionals and Businessmen.
  • There are stress related diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, etc. Mind it, these are the diseases which are extremely sensitive with Stress!
In Organizational Level, the followings may be the problems we may come across for which higher cost is involved.
  • The Organization may get the output but there would be problem of Quality in the long run.
  • The rate of rejection(or secondary products) will be higher when you stress your Human resource or the machines.
  • There may be unscheduled breakdown due to fatigue of the machinery and overwork. Which may cause the company a hefty price.
  • The Organization may face a problem of replacement for the Human Resource at the advent of employee turnover.
  • The moral of the team will be low as a result of fatigue. Hence, there would be adverse effect on productivity.
All said and done, human resource is something you can't just allow overwork for a longer period. You can only allow them to enjoy their work by designing up to a level of optimization where they are comfortable with. Monetary aspect is secondary after certain level.

To me balancing hard work with recreation and entertainment are important for the long run. We, as an human being, family life can not be ignored. Quality of work life is something we should focus rather than emphasizing on more harder working.

I have come across with professionals who are extremely successful in their respective career but looking back to their family life; it is something they won't like to talk. Some are divorced or having elicit relationship with someone else, some are in a relationship of live-in to get life going, etc. Some even opened me up saying "I miss my children!"

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