Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where is BJP heading?

"Some says why do we need BJP? And some says after independence 6 years of BJP had given hope! ..." To be very honest BJP today lacks the kind of quality of impact that is required for a strong opposition to the Indian Parliament to guide the ruling party for building the Nation. Kadhar issue has haunted the party on the other hand self styled so called leaders have tarnished the image of the Party.

It's not the question of why do we need BJP, it is in fact setting an example and at larger space the image of the country because it's the matter of our Leader!

When things are gone against their favor, peoples verdict is in favor of Congress as a Party who believes in making a difference BJP should have accepted the Peoples verdict at large and act more cohesively and stand firm to face the future and the present scenario.

The hue and cry in the case of Vasundra Raje - Ex-Chief Minister of Rajasthan & Jaswant Singh issue are ugly and lacks decency. And their outburst on Jaswant on the appointment o f Chairmanship of PAC. It is rediculus. Why I would say the same is because - it is not the way it should have been happened. Too many leaders have propped up in BJP and they started believing they are greater and mightier than the past and leaders. But I would say they are not seasoned enough to lead and make in impact to lead the Organisation like Atal Bihari Bajpai and Lal Krishna Advani. I still believe BJP in the behest of Advaniji is still the only option!

BJP as an organisation should believe that they still can make a turn around and believe in their existing leadership. If they try to infuse and entrust to younger leaders, the dissidence will rise and they will loose ground.

Why I am saying all this ... it's all because I want them to set an example to the younger generation, keep the tradition of Hindutva alive and respect elders and leaders.... It's painful to learn the infighting, media speculations, etc.

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