Wednesday, December 16, 2009


As I am going through the burning issues of Telangana at Andhara Pradesh – India, and responses from all sections of people across; we are being challenged by forces of division played by Indian Politics and the ruling party in specific. My simple question is – ARE THEY REALLY VALUE THE UNITY OF THE CITIZENS OF INDIA?

Telangana is burning, many others like Gurkha Land movement, Vidharba, Greater Nagaland, Bodoland, etc. and so on are going to explode. Apart from all these, there are issues of languages, casts, religion, etc. are on. All these movements are the results of lack of Governance by the Govt. of India even after over 50 years of independent India.

I can have the richest man in the world like Mr. Mukesh Ambani or Mittals or Adanis or we may have maximum Nos. in the list; but we should not forget, we still have our fellow citizens who live in without shed and food. Thousands of villages are without access to public road, proper water, school for basis education, etc.

How far we can be part of this great nation INDIA!... Government of India’s Rural Development program is money minting program for Govt. officials and the Politicians. Why do I say all these?... What am I doing?.. Let’s wake up my fellow Indians.. Let’s act together.

The biggest barrier I see is the mindset. We hardly can accept our fellow Indians who speak different language or follow different religion. Recently cases in Mumbai by Shiv Sainiks and Nava Nirman Senas on North Indians. From these entire outcomes, one thing is clear that different community will do very little or not do any thing for the development of the other/different community.

Now the question is HOW SHOULD WE CONTROL THESE?

  1. Govt. should form a central body to look after Rural Development.
  2. The areas to be developed should be not on recommendation but by outsourcing to independent agencies for studying the places and community. Hence, what exactly to be focused for development are been earmarked.
  3. The development works should be outsourced on merit basis only and such to be monitored and accessed by the central body representative/s.
  4. We should focus on technical training at rural level than just conducting general literacy program. This will open door for them to come out and learn competitiveness.
  5. We also should encourage sports and cultural activity at rural level. This will help them to learn and also to teach each other.

We shall be united not by providing quatas, not by public distribution, or dividing states on the basis of religion, caste, language, etc. We shall be one if

  1. We know one another,
  2. Exchange culture, religion and language,
  3. We are competitive,
  4. We have the source to earn our living,

Let’s be one, let’s be proud to be INDIAN.

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