Sunday, July 4, 2010

There is a new beginning in everything!..

Recently, when we put our daughter to school; initially she use to cry and say "I am not going to school." My wife use to wait for her in-front of the school gate till she comes out. The process lived for 2-3 days, later she happily goes for school and she gets happy when she sees her mom waiting for her outside the gate. One day due to some reason, her mom couldn't go to pick her up from the school and my neighbor brought her. On the next day, she again refused to go to school. That day I was was convincing her, and preparing her to go to school; she started telling, "Papa, mama does not come to school to pick me up, I do not want to go to school." That day I went to drop her to the school. While entering she told me, "Papa, where will you wait for me?" I just told her I am waiting for you just outside the gate. She happily entered her class room. Now a days she gets ready for her school much before time.

A new beginning!!. For her to go to school is a new beginning and it is very difficult for her. She will be seeing different children and teachers with whom she never met. She will be controlled and disciplined with the rules of the school. It is indeed the most difficult for a child to experience such thing for the first time. Again, it is been experienced by all of us, so we do not take this that seriously.

I would say, this beginning or any kind of beginning we need to cautiously handle so that one can continue and adapt the process for life time. I have seen many people who hate their school and also hate their parent. This hatred is because, they did not liked their beginning in the school or they didn't enjoyed their upbringing. Just because we want them to learn or make them what we want, we continuously force them to do things what they don't like and this in turn make them rebellious mentally and on the other side emotionally they distance themselves.

In some situation, we need to humble ourselves and keep aside what we are and go to the level where we are going to deal and act is very important. Just because I am a scholar or Doctor or Engineer, we can not expect others to act the way we think.

Learning is fun and we need to enjoy learning everyday and every moment. The day you stop learning, you will find life monotonous, boring and frustrating. When we are teaching or training, we should not ignore the process of making it interesting and infuse fun so that learners enjoy and adapt your teaching. In the process you will find your teaching more meaningful.

Do you know my friends, I have learned many Nursery Rhymes to teach my daughter!.. I sing along with her everyday. This beginning is just fun.... I am loving it...

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deepankar said...

u r having a great to know from ur blog...keep singing the rhymes....!

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