Monday, March 21, 2011

Opportunities are plenty – only dare to accept the reality….

When I was interacting with many mid level executives and discussing about their jobs and career; there were many questions which actually bothering them – hindering their prospects. Very few of them had the instinct that kills those botheration and majority of them lives with those botheration and insecurity.


Few things we need to assess and examine continually for betterment of self are as follows:

  • Are we equipped enough to do the job we perform? Not just mere doing the job which is assigned.
  • Are we Learning/updating ourselves with time? Which helps us to simplify and better the job we do.
  • Are we enjoying the job we do? Only when we are at right job, we can enjoy the job we do.
  • Are we taking enough interest in doing the job? Interest in doing the job will only come when we wanted to add value. Adding value to the job we perform should be spontaneous.
  • Are we happy with the environment? Only when you make good team player than – you can be positive with the team. In an organization inculcating good sprit of team is nothing less important than hefty pay package.

All such things will be YES when we have the right attitude. Until and unless we develop the ownership of the job we do and add value, uncertainty and dis-satisfaction will haunt us.

Taking responsibility is a bold step. It requires not only dare but lots of other elements like learning/training, continuous up gradation, nurturing and developing, ownership, creating a family environment and many more.

When we come out to do a given job, we have to have right attitude, ability to learn new things, infuse new ideas and simplify. When we do these, I am sure there will not be any space for insecurity or botheration of any kind.

There is no short cut for success. Success will follow when we do not give up and innovate. When we are worth we will be rewarded accordingly. Proving our worth is not just performing our duty!..

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