Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do we really need to do just because others do?…..

We need not learn to say – I am doing this because it used to be done this way. On the contrary, we should learn to say – This is the better way of doing this. We should upgrade with time and allow good change to happen. This thing is only possible when you have people who accept CHANGE and allow change to happen in them.

Few days’ back I met one of my friend whom I last met was about 9 years. We are so excited to see each other and as usual we went for quick bite at a city joint which happened to be both of us’ favorite joint those days. We discussed many areas just like we usually do. Suddenly, he started saying – Bimal, this restaurant has very little life left; if the management fail to recognize the problem and immediately correct it, no good visitor will visit and there would be some better restaurant would attract better crowd than this. After I hear him, I was wondering at the interior which are with faded color and hanging spider net, carpet which is stinking dirty, attendant (waiters) wearing dirty Uniform, etc. and so on… When I realized my friend started saying – get up – lets go somewhere; I simply got up – and my mind was blank – How the management can ignore the pride of this such a wonderful property?.. In few points my friend summarized the downfall of the restaurant –

  • For longer life of the interior, furniture, equipments, etc. you need maintenance – which the management has ignored.
  • When you renovate/refurbish you need time and investment – but the management thought that they will manage. In due course of time as they compromised on what is needed to be done; in front of their eyes thing worsened and they failed to recognize the core problem.
  • They tried to do things which are not their cup of tea, but did looking into others do. Their expertise is restaurant but they tried to manage others’ area which they don’t have any idea.
  • Any effort which is for betterment that even allowed a break or spending a sum is to be considered as investment not as expenditure. Which the management felt otherwise looking at others and comparing valueless offering establishments.

It was indeed a good meeting after a long time and in that few hours I learned so many things. It has refreshed my inner self and experiences. As I was preparing myself to share few lines on my blog, it has helped me to prepare myself and give few insights for my readers, friends & even to my self.

As I have chosen to write on an act which everyone indulges into is - doing things which are not meant to be done by everyone but done seeing other’s do. When I refer the same in a professional world – I would call - blunder that often professionals indulge. Everyone has own self and way to do things; there might be resemblances but if it is a case of doing things just because others do – THERE WILL BE SERIOUS FALLOUT IF NOT RECOGNISED & CORRECTED IN TIME WHICH IN TURN SINK THE WHOLE SHIP & THAT TIME IT WOULD BE TOO LATE TO EVEN RECOGNISE WHERE WAS THE PROBLEM. EVERYONE WOULD BLAME ONE ANOTHER AND FINALLY BLAME THE PROCESS OR WAY OTHER DID, WHICH IS NOT EXACTLY YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.

I have seen Executives & Managers which follow the same; they were just doing things to please the Management and show that they are taking responsibility in their eyes and show off doing exactly the same how other did. If any one who is taking responsibility just to show the management that they are the great soldiers but fail all around in terms integrity and productivity – I would call them the Biggest Enemy of the Management / Organization and for them only solution is chuck them out to protect the larger interest of the organization. Interests of the Organization far larger and greater than individuals are.

What is wrong in doing things as other do?

  • Because you are not applying your selves. As you are following other, you are shying away from the exactly what is to be done.
  • As you are doing as other do, you are not innovating in other words upgrading your role play.
  • Just because other do, you grab on things which is not your expertise may turn out to be serious blunder. It is greater than greed if some one does looking into the opportunity or the monetary benefit and grab things which is not meant for him. This may cause serious backlash.
  • It is I would call – gross indiscipline and lack of professional ethic.

What is right in doing as other do?

  • If the role play demands you to do so.
  • If you have the right skill, experience, understanding and integrity like other do.
  • If you are comfortable and efficient in doing things like that.

We human are greedy and nothing satisfies us. Sometime our need make us to be over greedy. Over commitment and demand of the luxurious life style make us to be greedy and over ambitious. But we need to learn and limit upto what extent we can stretch. Simple MANTRA for going ahead is to be up-to-date, upgrade our skills and knowledge, work hard, earn Friends & Well Wishers and be disciplined.

So friends, are you doing things just because other do?... Your comments, arguments, inputs, etc. would be highly appreciated.


deepankar said...

It seems dat u have pondered each & every corner of managements-area....& hav finaly blogged....isn't it?????????????

Anyway, keep it going...at-least we can understand the diplomatic tips..!

Anonymous said...

Great blog bro......
each & every word is true & correct.
If everyone follows the things u have mentioned then many organizations can get life & prosperity.......

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