Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Branding Tips for Small Business Enterprises

When I was looking into branding facts of business especially for Small/Medium Business Enterprises; it has taken me to some interesting points which I thought of sharing the same so that it can help in branding respective business/enterprise.

The following are few tips for Business Branding especially for Small Business Enterprises:
  • Have a professionally designed Logo: A professionally-designed logo and/or brand identity gives a company an established, professional aesthetic. This increases the trust clients will have in the products and services your company offers. General Purpose of Logo is to make easier to remember your company & services you render. When your company grows – Logo will carry the brand Value and Loyalty. Hence, to have a professionally designed logo is the first step to brand your business. It’s also important to include your logo on every piece of communication; put it on business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, yellow page ads, building signage, newsletters, etc…
  • Choose your Niche: Strengthening the brand is the Niche you have. Your niche is essential. If you are trying to be everything to everyone, your company will fail, and not just in its branding, either. However, if you choose a niche and stand firm, you will begin to develop better branding. Strive to be the best possible at that one thing, or two things that your company does. Do not overextend yourself.
  • Prepare a page business overview: This one page will be vital as a leave behind when you meet a prospect. Use short sentences in short paragraphs – people like to read quickly. Also make it very conversational. Your one page overview should include your value proposition, target audience benefits, previous audience experience and a mini-case study – and don’t forget your contact information.
  • Connect with your Customers and suppliers: Connecting your customers, prospects, suppliers and well wishers is an important factor for branding. This would start the journey to build the brand.
  • Have a professionally designed website: It’s not just good enough to just have a website; you must reflect your brand image. Everyone, yes everyone, uses the web today to check references. If someone recommends your service, you can almost guarantee that they will go online to look for you. Your website design should be updated and stay current. Now-a-days Dynamic Website (CMS) make it possible you to update your web content real-time. Without a website, your company is lacking a powerful tool that can be used in myriad different ways to help with business branding and securing success in your chosen niche.
  •  Participate in Local Business events:  And by participate, I mean be on a committee. Just showing up at events is great, but you’re just a face in the crowd. Ask to be on one of the committees. Believe it or not, it’s as simple as just asking most of time. Groups are looking for volunteer help and it’s a great way to elevate your status and visibility among the entire organization.
  • Use Social Network Tools: Your actual brand image is determined by your audience. You can use these tips to ensure alignment between your desired brand image and your actual brand image in the minds of your customers. Branding isn’t a one shot deal; it’s an on-going juggling act of marketing, research and conversation. If you’re not tapping into those conversations with your audience, how do you know what their real impression of you is? How will you know how to address it? Brand growth comes from alignment. You have to ensure that your actions, stationary, website and marketing efforts put out the right image. But you cannot stop there; those are pre-sales activities that get you noticed and hopefully bought. You also have to ensure that all actions and engagements during the sale and post-sale are positive and in line with your desired brand image. If your audience has a different view of you than you’d like, then you need help. And it’s probably best to bring in an outside perspective. To use social network tool like Facebook, Twiter, G+, Myspace, etc. is an effective tool for Branding and generate better rapport with your customers.
  • Use latest Technology: You can host webinars, create podcasts or offer a newsletter through your website. Each of these can be tremendous tools in your quest for better business branding and more success.
  • Promote Brand Loyalty: Never forget that the best interactions come from one-on-one conversations between executives, employees, suppliers, and customers. Employees that want to help and do the best job possible go a long way.

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