Thursday, May 17, 2012

Far From Justice – justice4richard

It is shocking that how justice is been handled in India and mainly if it is to do with poor, lower-caste, minorities, and so on… It is 65th year of independence – and many Indians are struggling for the true freedom. Our Judicial System is in pathetic condition. On the other side Politics, Regionalism, Caste, Language, etc. have divided India. Indians are not safe in India not because of outside/foreign terror threat but that of factionalism.

It is sad what has happened with Loitam Richard who was found allegedly murdered on 18th April, 2012 in his hostel room at Acharya NRV School of Architecture, Bangalore by two of his college friends. But it is shocking and highly objectionable - how the case is been handled and investigated by Madanayakanahalli Police, Bangalore. 

The preliminary post mortem report are proof of the fact that he was severely asaulted
  • Face is disfigured and discoloured. Both eyes are blackened.
  • Scalp (skin over the skull): Diffused blood extravasations present over frontal and occipital region (blood around the front and back of the head).
  • Brain: Shows patchy subarachnoid hemorrhage at places over both cerebral hemispheres. (bleeding into the biggest part/structure of the brain)
  • Chest wall, ribs, and cartilage: Walls deviated; Shows blood extravasations corresponding to outer aspect of right clavicle (6 cm x 5cm), inner aspect of left clavicle (3 cm x 2cm) and right 4th intra-costal space (2 cm x 1cm). (Clavicle - collar bone)
  • Abdomen: Wall distended. (puk kangba / bloated tummy)
  • Laceration measuring 3 cm x 1cm present over left upper lip; shows blood extravasations.
  • Laceration measuring 0.5 cm x 0.7 cm in the subcutaneous tissue over left forehead.
  • Laceration present over left eyebrow.
  • Multiple abrasions of varying sizes from 0.3 to 0.2 cm and 0.4 to 0.3 cm present over back of right hand, second web space of index and middle finger.
  • Abrasion present over one third of the back of right forearm.
  • Contusion 14 cm x 31 cm present over inner aspect of the right thigh in its upper one third. On incision, shows blood extravasations.
  • Contusion 3 cm x 2 cm present over inner aspect of the left thigh at its middle one third. On incision, shows blood extravasations.
Now the latest development published in DNA, 17th May, 2012 says, “Latest finding: Richard Loitam died due to cardiac ailment.” And further it says, “……In their report submitted to the police on Wednesday, doctors at Victoria Hospital, who conducted the postmortem, stated Loitam’s death was due to a cardiac disease the source of which may be heredity. The doctors prepared the report after analysing autopsy, Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) and pathology reports, police sources said. The police said they will now gather information on Loitam’s alleged heart disease and ascertain if any of his family members had the disease earlier.”

It is socking to follow the developing story on Facebook url Now, the way investigation is heading it seem to be - we are far from justice. Many citizens of India are victim of such mockery of Indian Judiciary. It is high time – we should speak up – stand firm – fight injustice.

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