Monday, July 16, 2012

Chuck The Damaging - Although he is Productive

Organization is a body which consist of different parts/departments to perform different duties to fulfill a collective GOAL. Just like human body, every part of the body has specific role to play; similarly, departments - in an organization perform different functions. As we see, our stomach is upset; whole body is disturbed and weak. We need to look after the stomach first to get into doing what is our day to day work.

Here, I would like to bring you a point between Productive Employee who is self oriented versus Organizational oriented Employee. I am sure some must have raised eyebrows; when I say this. But fact remains, it is not that individuals role is the only criteria for high productivity; in fact it is the team, policy and discipline which brings out the productivity. No individual is bigger or more important than the organization.

How much damage can create to an organization when we encourage or let go to an indiscipline employee who may be high in productivity, is beyond any imagination. In such a situation, only the solution is CHUCK HIM OUT OF THE ORGANIZATION rather than overlooking him based on his output. The mindset of such employee is pointed as below:

In Personal Term -
  • They would think they are indispensable
  • They would EXPECT more
  • I-me-myself in anything
To the Team -
  • They would negatively influence others
  • They would demoralize others
  • They would dictate colleagues and subordinates in their term
To the Management -
  • They would overlook authority
  • They would have different agenda
  • They would try to influence authority in their term
  • Portrait negative image of the organization
Strategic point of view -
  • Hinder strategic decision
  • They are not belong to any organization but belong to themselves
  • They would expect their points to be taken rather than what is good for the organization
  • They would adapt less to the change which is inevitable to the growth of the organization.
It is really hard or next to impossible to counsel them as they would think they are always right. At the same time limiting them is again a uphill task. It is like tumor which grows in our internal part of the body; which doctors always perform an operation to remove. Like wise, only answer to deal such a situation is get rid of him. My experience with such a person is they are abusive, I-ME-MYSELF centered, indiscipline, confronting nature, and so on.. I always choose to ignore them but that has further turned to be personal in many a occasion. Which I felt very unfortunate.

Choosing Organizational oriented employee is always a plus point when we look at long term growth of the organization. They would adapt better - understand organizational Goal - Encourage the Team - Fit to any situation - Portrait Better Image. 

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